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Kim Jong-un apparently fancies himself as quite the comedian… or possibly the worst bullshit artist to ever live. Hint: it’s the second one.

Apparently being the worst human rights abuser in the world can just be forgotten with a quick visit to an orphanage. Remember that, folks. Committed petty theft? Go visit an orphanage. Told your wife that you were working late when you weren’t? All good, just go visit an orphanage. Any bad deed is forgotten. Someone should have told Gucci Mane.

So after reportedly ordering the execution of six ministers in his Pyongyang purge during his brief hiatus from the spotlight, Kim Jong-un returned to his god-given place in the headlines by visiting an orphanage (read: looking at things). Another one to add to the extensive list of things that Kim Jong-un looks at to appear… nice?

The mysteriously empty orphanage was inspected by the dictator, while uniformed men were furiously taking notes. About what? According to state media, he offered crucial advice such as “it is important to have good parenting”. A little ironic in an orphanage. Don’t be an asshole, Kim.

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