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According to state press, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has climbed the country’s highest mountain, Mount Paektu. The 2750 metre peak, which is also an active volcano, lies on the border of North Korea and China. The climb was reportedly in honour of his late father Kim Jong-Il. Mount Paektu holds great significance in North Korean folklore, and it has been stated that the sacred mountain is the birthplace of Kim Jong-Il. Butttt, it’s also been reported that Kim Jong-Il was born in a military camp in Siberia. Lolwat.

The enigmatic Kim Jong-Un claimed that the mountain hike is beneficial for mental energy and stimulation and is more powerful than nuclear weapons thanks to its natural resources. He reportedly told troops that the volcano was an excellent source of pabulum, a material more powerful than any nuclear weapon. We didn’t know what pabulum was so we Googled it. Apparently it means “bland or insipid intellectual matter, entertainment etc.”. Maybe it’s not what Kim intended to convey, but it’s certainly apt.

The story, which we reiterate has come out of the state media, appears to fall in line with a lot of the similar tales of the brave Kim family. Other accolades include Kim learning to drive a car at age 3 and his late father, Kim Jong-Il, scoring 11 holes-in-one the very first time he played golf.

[Via.] Photo source: AFP/Getty Images, Reuters.

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