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Lacey Baker’s new skate clip is everything we need right now

Never has Blood Orange's 'Bad Girls' been more appropriate

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It’s been something of a week for women. The latest source of much-needed inspiration in this dense political climate comes from Lacey Baker’s new clip for Trasher. In such a heavily male-dominated scene, Baker rises above all preconceived notions about skating and just absolutely rips. Yep, she just destroyed the expression ‘you skate well for a girl’ forever with her clip ‘My World.’

From her style to song choice, we can’t express how much with fuck with everything that is going on here. Baker has in the past been referred to as one of the best female skaters in the world, but she is clearly paving the way to a world where we don’t need to use gender as a modifier when talking about female’s talents. Take a look in the gallery above, and see the magic for yourself.

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