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It’s one of the greatest first world problems we face today. Having to remember another fucking password for another thing you have to log in to on the internet. With all these new social media accounts, internet banking, online shopping etc etc etc, we are expected (with good reason) to create individual, slightly complicated passwords so as not to make us vulnerable to online predators. Sorry but I’m too lazy for that – I have been using the same password, or a similar iteration if capitals are required, for a good ten years now. But apparently I’m not the laziest one of all, if this report on most popular online passwords is anything to go by.

Security-app provider SplashData has been compiling leaked (duh) passwords for the past four years to determine what are the most popular – and obviously most hackable – passwords used. It’s no surprise that “password” has been in the top two consistently but in 2014, and for the second year in a row, “123456” has won the title as most common password. Come on guys, it’s not even a word! According to SplashData head honcho Morgan Slain, the passwords compiled are mainly from North America and Western Europe and probably only make up 2.2% of all the passwords used, so luckily there’s only a small minority of us still making this rookie mistake. Take a look at more of last year’s most common passwords above.


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