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Weekly updates

A one-day-only Nutella pop-up store is set to hit The Alehouse Project pub in Brunswick East. Melbourne couple, Paul and Lauren Kristoff, have apparently been engineering Nutella-based food, presumably in a Breaking Bad style lab, for the past four months.

They’ll be selling 500 Nutella “bento boxes” at $10 each, which will contain “a Nutella peanut butter S’more, a salted caramel and Nutella chocolate truffle and a Nutella and maple tart with smocked hickory and Italian meringue”. Each will be served by the couple themselves with a dollop of intense self-satisfaction.

Interestingly, Lauren admits to having a nut allergy, and that she has to wear gloves when cooking with Nutella otherwise she’ll go into anaphylactic shock. Her extreme dedication to the cause of exponentially raising both her own bank balance and Melbourne’s calorie count, is truly something to be admired.

After July’s Nutella shortage, the couple smugly expect all of the bento boxes to sell out–and they’re probably absolutely right. The pop-up store will be opening from 9am on September 12. Check out the wares for yourself in the gallery above.

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