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Remember when you used to line up for stuff that was super duper exciting, like the Mad Mouse at Luna Park? Or Meredith tickets? Or shitty clubs? Well, now you can add something else to the list of stuff you would spend 20% of your waking day lining up to experience. Croissants. Over 100 of Melbourne pastry lovers lined up in the rain (and arrived as early as 3:30am) on Rose Street over the weekend, waiting for Lune Croissanterie to open its doors for the first time since moving from their previous Elwood location – Elwood isn’t hip enough for a store that exclusively sells croissants. And sells out of said croissants before I can even fathom the thought of getting out of bed.

The store is open every Saturday and Sunday from 8am until they sell out – which is only a 3 hour window at this stage. So, if you like croissants then you better get down early bearing an umbrella, a triple-shot soy latte, and some patience.

How amazing can a croissant be to line up for that long? Don’t be mistaken, that was not a rhetorical question. I couldn’t see myself lining up for that long for food unless it’s 2006 and Krispy Kreme just opened in Narre Warren.

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