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As one of the best gaming franchises of all time, it’s not surprising that there are some true fanatics of Nintendo’s Mario Kart series out there. Of course, Reddit is the home to many of these kinds of obsessive characters, and user troymcklure recently shared a project he’d been working on; building a Mario Kart 8-themed nursery for his one-year-old son.

The project took a year and a half, but apparently only cost about $1,500. Having made everything from scratch, the finished project features a mural and decor depicting the game’s characters, and even a mobile that plays Mario melodies. It all looks pretty cool, but if this kid grows up and can’t beat Rainbow Road without falling off at all, I can only imagine the intense disappointment this father is going to feel.

With this kind of parenting, youth rebellion could very soon be expressed by teens sneaking out to play sport, telling their dad that Dr. Who sucks, and refusing to take part in family Dungeons and Dragons nights—it seems like parents will just never understand. Check out the video of the whole process in the gallery above, and see the picture set for yourself here.

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