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An Italian nurse has been accused of having zero chill when it comes to patients. Police have arrested 42-year-old Daniela Poggiali as part of an investigation into the deaths of 38 patients because they or their families annoyed her. When brought in she was found to have taken a selfie on her phone with a recently deceased patient doing the thumbs up, which is by far worse than that Selfies at Funerals thing that hit Tumblr last year.

The evil genius allegedly claimed her victims by injecting them potassium chloride, which, in large amounts, brings on cardiac arrest. Although 38 patients mysteriously died while she was on duty, the police only have strong ties to 11 deaths because potassium chloride leaves no traces after a few days, making it a challenge to investigate, and, given that it’s readily available online, something I’m uneasy telling you guys about. At least one of you has to be a psycho with a trust fund.

Colleagues also told of her using powerful laxatives on patients at the end of her shift to give the following nurse a really shitty time. She was also said to be a “cold, polished person” who sometimes sometimes sedated those who annoyed her.


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