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2020 is looking like our year. Kanye will be president, cars will apparently be driving themselves and Nintendo instalments in Universal Studios will open to the public.

Yep, the two have come a long way since Universal tried to sue the Japanese brand for their character Donkey Kong plagiarising old mate King Kong. 35-odd years later, they’re now teaming up to bring Mario Kart to life so that just goes to show that no beef is too big to put aside in the name of million dollar profits. The studios in Orlando, Hollywood, and Japan are set to receive the Nintendo treatment, with themed areas opening up in each park after a ¥40 billion (476 million AUD) investment by Universal Parks and Resorts.

Planning for each of the areas is still very much in the blueprint stage but officials have said their goal for the project is to “to bring the characters, action and adventure of Nintendo video games to life within Universal theme parks.”

We’ve lowkey been praying for this ever since Nintendo and Universal Parks and Resorts announced their partnership last year, and whilst we would obviously prefer an entire Nintendo-themed park, we’re pretty sure we can make peace with what they’ve got going on.

With the focus on Super Mario, it will be the first Nintendo based theme park. We’re not sure yet if there will be other Nintendo character’s but we’re holding out for a Zelda Dungeon maze or at least something Pokemon related. Take a look at the video in the gallery above and look forward to updates from us over the next five years that will probably get more frantic as we get closer to that real life rainbow road.

Weekly updates