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It’s official: us Aussies are into the mary jane, BIG TIME… But not quite as much as we are into drinking alcohol. Yup, the 2014 Global Drug Survey just dropped and among many other interesting facts and figures it was revealed that cannabis consumption in Oz outweighs the consumption of caffeinated energy drinks. To be fair, it was a very close call, but neither substance even came remotely close to the popularity of alcohol.

The survey revealed that 34.7% of respondents admitted to taking cannabis in some form compared to 33.2% who had consumed energy drinks in the last year. You can view the whole breakdown here.

The top 20 drugs broken down country by country is an interesting insight. In Mexico for instance, more people consume pot than they do tobacco. In the UK, more people consume MDMA than they do energy drinks and in Brazil: more people consume LSD than they do cocaine or MDMA. Is a crazy ol’ world!

Read the whole top 20 breakdown here. If we can take solace in anything it’s that regardless of where we’re from, we all like to get fucked up on something.