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Postcards: Jordan Gogos in Japan

Highlights in black-and-white

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The allure of Japan is a pretty strong one and it probably seems like every single one of your mates (and their mates) have been making the trip to the land of the rising sun recently. Despite the influx of FOMO-inducing travel snaps, we can’t really get enough (and look forward to being the ones to incite said FOMO at some point in the future) and our latest series of Postcards will just add to your many reasons to visit Japan.

Photographer Jordan Gogos has offered us a look into his recent trip to Japan, with a black-and-white film series from across the country. A mix of the usual and unusual, the everyday looks a lot more exotic when you’re in a country as intriguing (and odd) as Japan. Take a look at the snaps in our gallery above.

  • Photography: Jordan Gogos

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