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Weekly updates

With the changing times, it is no longer enough to just protect material assets from your current spouse/potential ex in the event that you split. Now you can protect your online reputation too.

Thanks to the eventuation of social media, it has become easier to publicly humiliate your ex on multiple online platforms. However, with the introduction of the “social media clause,” each party will sign an agreement to not “post, tweet, or otherwise share via social media, positive, negative, insulting, embarrassing, or flattering images or content of the other,” said New York-based attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza. They’ve chosen to put an embargo on all posts, to prevent people from using the “I thought you looked good in this photo” defense. If the contract is broken, monetary compensation will be awarded.

With 50/50 odds that a marriage will last, more people are deciding to sign a prenuptial agreement. But if you have worries that your partner may put up compromising posts of you later on, doesn’t that seem like a major trust issue that you should sort out before you tie the knot?


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