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Weekly updates

When he’s not riding for Armourdillo, Theeve Trucks, Powell-Peralta, Osiris, Ergo, BONES WHEELS, Arma and Bones Bearings, Aussie-born, Cali-based, Chad Bartie can be found golfing, surfing, camping, downing Syd’s drink of choice and hanging with his cat, Bloke. Pretty much just living the good life and being one of those guys who actually followed his dreams. Damn you, Chad Bartie, damn you!

My name is:  Chad Bartie

I live… in Carlsbad, CA.  Homeland is Gold Coast, Australia.

Besides from skating I also… golf, surf, and go camping, which I need to do a lot more of.

My parents always thought I was going to be… whatever I wanted…follow your dreams and go for it.

The trick that took me the longest to stomp was…   actually, any new trick. For some reason, I have to feel everything is perfect before I commit to roll away.

In high school I…  did what was needed to get through as easy as possible, so I could start travelling for skateboarding and follow my dreams.

When I’m skating I listen to… Pandora on Rolling Stones station.

My liquor of choice after a long day is… when I’m not on one of my sober breaks for months at a time, I enjoy red wine with good meals (and Bacardi and Coke—Grandfather SYD’s, drink of choice).

I think long boards are…  a huge market core companies missed a lot of sales through. They’re not the cool thing but for colleges, beer runs, surfers skating to check the surf, they serve a purpose.  Sometimes being too cool will hurt companies.

My perfect sponsor would be… coconut water, or a car company giving me a truck to use every year.

The last thing I did that I regret now was… not doing things or taking care of things when they come to mind or need to be done.  Putting things off, is my regret—large and small things.

The perfect girl would be… is Michaela.

One place I’d rather be right now is… nowhere, I love where I am for right now, yet there are places that I will be in the future.  I don’t know how, but I will be there when the time is right.

Tomorrow I will be… waking up, eating, hanging out, skating, playing with my cat Bloke, surfing emails, falling asleep.

In ten years time I will be… in a different place, way of living, state of mind and wants, as long as I am living I will be changing.  Always for the better and trying to improve my life and the loved ones around me in whatever way I am able to.

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