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Weekly updates

In our latest edition of PRO-file, we catch up with Armourdillo Flow rider, Kyle Cole, who is one of those annoyingly talented people whose interests range from art and photography, playing the guitar and skating. He recently got on board the Armourdillo Advocates program where he’ll be involved with arts, events, riding and more. You know when you read about dudes who are so ridiculously awesome at everything they do, you can’t help but feel a little bit jealous (and lazy)? He’s one of those guys….

My name is… Kyle Cole

I live in… Phoenix, AZ

Besides from BMX I also spend time…. Painting, shooting photos, playing guitar, riding my Stereo Vinyl Cruiser and just hanging out with good friends.

My parents always thought I was going to be…. A baseball player until about age 10 when Mom got me a BMX bike.

The trick that took me the longest to stomp was….. Tailwhips

In high school I…. Got in trouble a lot.

When I’m riding I listen to….. Anything from the Misfits all the way to Bob Marley.

My liquor of choice after a long day is….. Whiskey!

I think long-boards are….. Pretty sweet but not as sweet as my Stereo Cruiser!

My perfect sponsor would be… Armourdillo Brand, Ludwig Van Premium Casual and 43 Hardware

The last thing I did that I regret now was….  My last girlfriend.

The perfect girl would be….. Radeo Suicide! Suicide Girls.

One place I’d rather be right now is….. Chillin on the beach

Tomorrow I will be…. Working and riding.

In ten years time I will be…  Still doing what I’m doing!

Hit up the Armourdillo FB page for more on Kyle Cole and Flow. Do it!