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Weekly updates

Louie Barletta has interesting hair. He also rides and shoots for Enjoi, drinks Bacardi and wishes he was sponsored by God. And according to Jose Rojo, he looks good in drag…we’re totally asking a drag question from now on…

My name is…Louie Barletta.

I live…’til I’m dead.

Besides from skating I also spend time…watching skate videos.

My parents always thought I was going to be….a girl.

The trick that took me the longest to stomp was…the Romper Stomper.

In high school I…studied.

When I’m skating I listen to…the wheels go clackity-clack down the sidewalk.

My liquor of choice after a long day is…Bacardi.

I think long-boards are…loooooooooong.

My perfect sponsor would be…God.

The last thing I did that I regret now was…opening this email.

The perfect girl would be…deaf, mute and independently wealthy.

One place I’ll rather be right now is…Vegas!!!

Tomorrow I will be…older.

In ten years time I will be…10 years older. Duh!

Louie Barletta tumbls right here or follow him on instagr.am @louiebarletta. See more images and video over at his Enjoi page.


Image Credits: Burnett, Brian Uyeda, Pete Thompson, Mikendo, Gaston Francisco