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Weekly updates

Cliché’s, Sammy Winter, sits in the hot seat for this week’s PRO-file where the Sydney lad tells us about booze, music and weed and shares his thoughts on longboards, the perfect woman and sweating balls…yes, you read that correctly.

My name is…Sam.

I live…in Sydney.

Besides from skating I also spend time…womanizing.

My parents always thought I was going to be…successful.

The trick that took me the longest to stomp was…everything. I work for my shit.

In high school I…smoked weed and didn’t care.

When I’m skating I listen to…no iPods while skating.

My liquor of choice after a long day is…beer, wine with dinner.

I think long-boards are…keeping the skateboarding industry afloat.

My perfect sponsor would be…beer and wine for sure.

The last thing I did that I regret now was…last night.

The perfect girl would be…there’s no such thing.

One place I’d rather be right now is…in Sydney on the beach at Shark Alley.

Tomorrow I will be…sweating balls.

In ten years time I will be… still loving it.

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