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We might have found the only thing that will stop a Nokia 3310 from kicking around forever. Since dropping, drowning, burning and charge deprivation only seem to make it stronger, it’s going to take $7.20 billion changeover deal to bring the indestructible pocket bricks of a billion tween years out of circulation.

Having finalised their purchase of the handset production arm of the Finnish company in April, Microsoft has announced plans to phase out ‘Nokia’ branded smartphones, retaining the name for cheaper phones for the next 10 years (a.k.a the time it takes for a 3310 t0 reach half charge).

Nokia will continue to operate under its original name as a networks, mapping and technology licensing company, while Microsoft phones will be marketed under the ‘Lumia’ label. Only time will tell if a name change will do anything to stem the phone’s disturbing durability.


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