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Rick and Morty take on Pokémon in a new game

If you're a Rick and Morty fan, and a lover of Pokémon, your prayers have just been answered

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Rick and Morty are stepping away from our TV screens and are joining the world of mobile apps. The Adult Swim stars are set to release a new sci-fi adventure, Pocket Mortys, for you to play for free on your mobile devices. Chris Johnston, senior producer, posted in a tweet saying the game will be available from January 14. The tweet was accompanied by a short gif giving an insight of what’s in store. And we’ve got one word for you about what you can expect—Pokémon.

They’ve adopted a popular Pokémon look and feel to the game. As Rick and Morty walk around a village, surrounding creatures challenge them to battle. However, it’s almost the opposite to a regular Pokémon game from the looks of the gif, the ‘people’ are the ones battling and the creatures are their Masters.

The network has promised that it will be more substantial than their previous attempts at games and we sure as hell hope it lives up to the Pokémon standards.


  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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