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If the internet is to be believed—and we all know how reliable it can be—Rihanna is looking to launch her very own brand of marijuana in the first quarter of 2016. It’s been reported that the very obvious business venture will be named ‘MaRihanna’ and was announced during High Times’ Cannabis Cup (yep, you read correctly), the world’s largest marijuana trade show, which was held in Jamaica over the weekend. Apparently the line will include a number of different strains, as well as edible and concentrates, so it’s sure to keep all your green needs met. Initially, the range will be made available in the US states that have legalised marijuana, of course.

While Rihanna hasn’t come out on any of her social platforms to confirm or deny the reports (maybe she doesn’t want to pull focus from those awesome Puma Creepers that are dropping this Friday), it’s probably not the most surprising potential business move for the badgal. She’s been a long-time, unashamed supporter of weed, and she’s also not averse to a good business deal, having launched a new footwear line, fragrance, and sock range, within the last few months. We’ll be keeping an eye on further updates because this one, if it is in fact true, will be an instant hit. #BBHMM, alright.

In the meantime, we’ve revisited Ri’s haziest Instagrams in the gallery above.

Weekly updates