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Rihanna’s Dolce & Gabbana headphones cost $9000

And you can't buy them anymore

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Rihanna has been very busy dangling her upcoming LP ANTI in front of fans that are hanging out for the release date. But it’s not the only thing she’s dangling to the public, as we discovered recently. Rihanna posted a photo to her Twitter of her supposedly listening to ANTI, but we were also pretty interested in her choice of headphones as much as a possible release date.

She rocked Dolce & Gabbana nappa leather, Swarovski crystal and pearl-crusted headphones. Whilst it wasn’t meant as a promotion, the golden jewelled crown that’s sitting on her head, has sold out within 24 hours of her posting the photo. Unfortunately, that means you’ve missed out, but they could have been yours at the very reasonable price of nearly $9000. If the gems aren’t doing it for you, the headphones are also compatible with MP3 readers, smartphones and audio playback devices as well as free shipping. Definitely a bargain.

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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