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Picture this: you’re standing on the curb in the snow, next to you are all your soggy boxes full of your belongings. You have the key to your brand new house right there in your hand. However, you can’t go inside yet. Why? you ask? Because you live in Russia, and in Russia it’s good luck to let a cat into your house before you move in. But what if I don’t have a cat? Don’t worry, Russia’s leading bank has got your back.

With every new mortgage, Sberbank sends their customer a cat. The fine print? It’s only available to the first 30 customers… oh and you also don’t get to keep the cat. The process is uncomfortably similar what goes down after you call the number on one of those seedy ads in the classifieds… You pick your favourite cat from a selection of premium felines, she comes along for two hours, rocks your real estate world and then leaves you to face your brand new crippling debt.

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