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Skateboarding Australia have opened up the history books this week, back to 1998 when Aussie-born, Cali-based skater Chad Bartie landed a gap to backside 50/50 in San Diego, California.

The trick was captured perfectly in a photo sequence shot on film by Atiba Jefferson, a tricky thing to do in the days before digital and expensive too, with only three or four attempts to a roll.

SbA’s Morgan Campbell takes us through the day 16 years later, reminiscing how it all went down:

Now I am not positive… but after a copping solid hipper on the curb I am pretty sure that Chad got this on the last roll that Atiba had with him. Not only that, it was on the last 8 frames of the roll! What a gun! Look at the loft involved in his Ollie before contact!

The moment Bartie landed the trick was also featured in Transworld’s Sixth Sense Video. You can see Bartie land a gap to backside 50/50 from 4.11. Check out the video below, or read more of the flashback at the SbA website.

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