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Some absolute shit of a human has found it necessary to go to one of Melbourne’s favoured parks and lay down hundreds of handmade tacks. An Edinburgh Gardens user alerted the Yarra Council after they found two tacks on the ground. After sweeping the park with a high-powered magnet (awesome), they found over six hundred tacks (not awesome). They are about the size of a ten cent piece, and appear to be made from chicken wire.

The park, located in North Fitzroy, is popular amongst Northsiders — especially coming into the hotter days, where we love to sit on the grass and get super drunk in the sun without copping holes in our skin (and some kind of disease).

Yarra Council Mayor Phillip Vlahogiannis described the incident as a “malicious and cowardly act” and explained that “park crews have been working through the extreme heat of the past few days searching the gardens both manually and using a high powered magnet sweeper. Our crews will be back at the gardens tomorrow to continue sweeping. In the meantime we strongly advise people who are walking, jogging, enjoying the playground with their children and exercising pets to be extra careful. Cyclists too need to be aware that some tacks have may have ended up on the paths.”

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