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In the wake of the Game of Thrones season finale, there has naturally been a delightful spread of memes popping up across the internet as fans try to get over all the shit that went down and truly accept that we have to brace ourselves for another long wait until the next season.

It’s only natural that GoT fans retreat into the depths of the internet and Instagram discovery pages looking for some escape after 10 episodes has once again flown by so quick. We’ve been trying to fill the void with retail therapy from the likes of Pin Jong ILL to those figurines that dominate the official Game Of Thrones Instagram. And of course, as we have been trawling across the web it seems that we weren’t the only ones who had made quite a bit of the, uh, “Tommen Scene” (trying to stay spoiler free here, but then again it’s Tommen so who really cares). What better way to out a different spin on the scene than to pair it with another pop-culture reference of equal magnitude. Matching Tommen’s response to his mother’s annihilation of the Great Sept of Baelor with the ‘Needle In The Hay’ makes for a Wes Anderson version of GoT that we didn’t know could work so well. The mash-up of Anderson’s 2001 film, The Royal Tenenbaums, and the infamous attempted suicide of Richie Tenenbaum with GoT visuals sees to what can only be known hereafter as Tommen Tenenbaum.

Check it out in the gallery above for yourself and you’ll see what we mean, but remain sensitive to both suicide triggers and GoT spoilers alike.

Weekly updates