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The growing legitimisation of Emojis as a form of valid communication just scored another major point with a recent proposal by an independent IT company. Yep, that half-baked thought you had when Instagram introduced Emoji based searches is coming to fruition – we may soon be able to sign into everything from Facebook to online banking using nothing but tiny little emoticons.

UK company Intelligent Environments are the peeps trying to make this brilliant idea happen. They say that when using a standard number based pin, we only have the ability to develop 7,290 unique combinations of four non-repeating numbers. When Emojis are utilised, there’ll be 3,498,308 combinations on offer. I’m not a tech genius, but that seems like a marked expansion. I personally think it will be rad to be able to use little smiling poo symbols as a pin.

Jarman Cutrona

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