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It’s not surprising that we are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet and technology, especially in countries such as South Korea, where access to cheap and fast broadband internet is readily available and the rate of ‘internet-addiction’ is the highest in the world.

Desperate times have called for desperate measures, and the government has started going to extremes to treat the country’s 2 million addicts, including a 12 day ‘digital detox’ boot camp in the pristine mountains of South Korea to treat kids growing up with the addiction. Phones and computers are taken off the participants on the first day and they are encouraged to engage with the other dozen boys who live, sleep and eat at the camp. Treating internet addiction isn’t easy in the most wired country on earth though, for many kids the only friends that they have are online.

While the boot camp seems to be providing some progress for its participants, South Korea, a country where 1 in 10 kids are ‘net addicts’ has a long and hard path ahead of it in managing and organising its high tech future.

Luke Karakas.


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