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Weekly updates

I know what you’re thinking, ‘what has science done for me lately’? Vaccines? Computers? What are you, some kind of nerd? Finally someone has put their expertise to good use and invented something that might actually come in handy– spray-on cake batter in a can.

John McCallum, a Harvard junior, initially came up with the idea for a class assignment, theorising that the automatic aeration process which comes when the batter is dispensed from an aerosol can, would ensure the cake rose without the need for baking powder. Fortunately for us all, he had a culinary game-changer on his hands. As a result of his discovery, Spray Cake, requires only a fraction of the cooking-time of its traditional counterparts, a whole cake being ready to eat after only a minute in the microwave.

John and his business partner/GF Brooke Nowakowski are set to take Spray Cake to the world, having already been backed by a seller and winning a slew of innovation and branding awards.

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