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Weekly updates

Still looking for a last minute Christmas gift? Of course you are, we both know that you’re not a well-adjusted forward planning individual. But that’s fine, because JBL have delivered the perfect answer to your prayers with the E50BT bluetooth headphones.

With their latest offering, JBL are packing precision audio-engeneering tech at an affordable price point. In the tradition of JBL products, the E50BTs offer high performance sound and LiveStage technology which is tuned to make everything sound as good as a live show.

Also, if you’re buying for your significant other and suffering gift-envy, it’s totally justifiable to buy two pairs thanks to JBL’s ShareMe feature. The tech allows you to wirelessly connect a second set of headphones to your music source, so you can both enjoy the soothing strains of Rich Gang’s ‘Lifestlye‘.

Retailing at $249.95, these headphones deliver quality at the perfect price. Available at  JB-HiFi.