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Are you inspired by Punk’s uncompromising DIY attitude and aesthetic, but can’t actually be fucked with the whole ‘do it yourself’ part? Well relax friend! Because one entrepreneurial Etsy seller has all your bases covered.

For a mere £51 you can cop yourself a totally authentic and absolutely-not-at-all-lame punk starter kit that promises to have “everything you need for the other punks to stop calling you a poser.” What exactly does that mean, you ask? Good question savvy consumer! It means that this individual retailer has found a way to distill decades of culture into a base pack that will convince all the kids at the local shopping centre that you’re actually a cultural artefact from London circa the mid-’70s.

For your minor investment you’ll receive the following:
– Bootstrap studded with small (your’re just starting out) 77 cone studs
-Bondage belt
-Studded bracelet with bondage ring
-Studded wristband
-Totalitar and Varukers patches
-Mystery goody!

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive “List of cool bands to listen to and of attitude and fashion faux pas for your new look.” Because there’s nothing more punk than a list of instructions explaining how to act punk.
In the words of Jello Biafra ‘punks not dead/ it just deserves to die/ when it becomes another stale cartoon.’