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This guy dismantles a mini NES and it’s oddly satisfying

For those of you who missed out on one this weekend, we feel your pain

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With Nintendo releasing the NES Classic Edition on the weekend, many of us missed out on getting our hands on one. Don’t fear, though: this video of the unpacking, teardown and repair of an mini NES will provide you with a quick fix, for now.

“Let the nostalgia begin,” says JerryRigEverything. “Nintendo has just released the much anticipated and coveted NES Classic Edition. With many of the popular games from the original NES preloaded into this inexpensive and portable system. Through a unique unboxing I show what comes with the purchase, as well as how the NES is built and functions.”

As semi-devastating as it is (especially if you slept on the first two deliveries) this video is an oddly satisfying experience. That being said, maybe we’re just jealous that this guy managed to get his hands on one. Tears. While we wait for more stock (we hear some retailers are launching their next round of pre-order tomorrow) and reminisce on simpler times, check out the full dismantlement of the mini NES, as well freezeframe highlights, in the gallery above.

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