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Toyota is doing it’s bit for the kids, using a fancy new driving simulator to teach teenagers about the importance of staying focused on the roads. TeenDrive365 uses Oculus Rift technology (because relevance) to provide a fully-responsive, 360° view of a virtual driving environment. The simulator includes all the specs of a modern driving experience, complete with annoying backseat driver, music-changing passenger and the ‘must-read’ text messages – all expected and potentially dangerous distractions.

The TeenDrive365 was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show yesterday and will tour the auto show circuit, spreading on-road knowledge across North America. While respondents to the simulator’s first iteration said they would reduce distractions while driving, it remains to be seen if such a tool has any real impact on the way teens (and distracted adults alike) handle themselves on the road. I mean, you’ve watched Highway Patrol right?

Take a look at a video of the simulator above and read more info from Toyota here.


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