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It’s universally accepted that while it definitely gets you where you need to go, long distance plane travel is something to be endured, not enjoyed. Baubax wants to help you fester for hours in a freezing cold time-warp with all your stuff zipped up in convenient pockets. The clothing start-up has successfully raised $1.7 million—which, by the way, is an ultimate record for crowd-funded clothing—on Kickstarter to make multifunctional travel jackets with 15 different features.

Available in four different styles—bomber, blazer, windbreaker and sweatshirt, the Baubax jacket includes a neoprene drink holder, telescopic pen/stylus on its zip pull, inflatable neck pillow, built in gloves and pockets designed to house phones, chargers, passports, sunglasses and headphones. The blazer model also features a detachable hood so its all (relative) comfort on the flight but strictly business in the conference room.

The campaign still has 40 days left in it, after which the jackets are set to retail from $160 US (approx. $216 AUD).

Donate to the campaign here.


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