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The Apple keynote presentation has become iconic for the annual tidings of must-have gadgets it unveils. Every year, we have a feeling of what to expect and every year, we eagerly push money at our screens, hoping to be the first to get our mitts on whatever Apple has decided to peddle.

As you’d expect, Twitter was the first thing to blow up as viewers provided commentary on the unveiling of the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. A trademark mixture of enthusiasm and cynicism ensued. People might think a larger phone screen or wrist mounted iPhone companion is dumb, but that doesn’t stop us all from wanting one so badly.

No one really knows what they’d do with an Apple Watch (surprisingly not named iWatch) yet but it was enough to distract from the fact the company is quietly discontinuing the iPod classic (R.I.P click wheel sound) and definitely enough to inspire some pretty clever image manipulation. Check some of our favourites out above.

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