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Weekly updates

I can’t do afnother shot bcefause iz hidghly lifkely dat i will prjoctile vommit on the befautiful woman dat just pooured it 4 me. Bitch please, that’s 2013 talk. Here in the future we vaporise all our shots, no, fuck it, we vaporise all our drinks full stop, because doing shots is for pussies and pre gen Z squares.

The future is upon us; Vāpshot, a part science, part alcohol company and they’ve just combined the best of both worlds by creating the first, commercial alcoholic, vaporising machine, and we’re still not quite sure how to feel about it; there are a lot of pros and cons to weigh up here…

Pro: you can get inebriated pretty much instantaneously without the pain/damage of your oesophagus (and dignity); con: something inside feels like that’s not a pro; pro: you no longer have to worry about spilling Patrón or something else equally detrimental to good threads down your chin and all over your new shirt making you both look and feel like a leper; con: do we still say cheers? Pro: fewer calories and so on and so forth.

Either way you stand, Vāpshot is totally a thing now, and is available online for around the $800 mark. Hold your local bartender close while you can.