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As a key alternative treatment, cannabis oil is frequently used for combatting severe epilepsy, terminal illness, and chronic pain and a range of other syndromes in both kids and adults. After the government made a pre-election promise to legalise cannabis oil, Victoria has decided to make a move on the issue by sending a Victorian Law Reform Commission report, which will be discussed in Parliament in the next two weeks.

But Victoria doesn’t have the power to import cannabis which could lead to the possibility of growing the drug locally. The national policy manager at the Australian Drug Foundation, Geoff Munro, supports the idea, “It seems appropriate that Victoria could produce its own supply, after all Australia already produces opium poppies for the production of morphine in Tasmania,” he said.

“But obviously the cultivation would have to be quite secure. Access would have to be restricted.”

Health Minister Jill Hennessey said that “parents have been forced to choose between breaking the law or treating their children in a way that has been extremely effective for them.”

“We want to end that choice, and that’s why we asked the Law Reform Commission how we should go about legalising medicinal cannabis, not if we should.”


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