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If you’re a Victorian, you’re probably aware that your television time has become an onslaught of political conjecture, shoddy photoshop and fear mongering (just take a squiz). It’s so weird that this happens every time an election rolls around, it seems like such an ineffective way of conveying your own party’s values. I’ve never heard of anyone whose political opinions were swayed by these hysteria reels unless they were using them as the subject of a drinking game. Oh, remember to take a shot if they run a no-negativity campaign right after getting dick-deep in the mudslinging.

Hey, speaking of genitals and politics, the Australian Sex Party (ASP) is capitalising on their media time to drop a very not safe for TV promo about supporting local artists. Well, they’re saying it’s about supporting local artists. Sort of just seems like our homie Lush walked into the ASP’s state office and started talking about asses until they conceded and said they’d let him write on their butts so long as he’d leave them alone. Your move, conventional political parties – what with your constitutions and your question time and your ridiculous wearing of pants.

Australian Sex Party, I’m glad you ‘GIVE A F**K ABOUT LUSH’ and it’s v. refreshing to see a political ad campaign that isn’t steeped in vitriol, but I’m pretty sure you accidentally slipped in a clip from your most recent ancient Greek style drug-fuelled mega orgy at the :37 second mark. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us (I assume, anyway. The last time I saw that many butts, I was cleaning the office ashtray).

When the ASP was first conceived in 2009, it was a party that was based around addressing issues of protecting vulnerable sex workers and the introduction of safe ejection rooms. Today, they’re handing out legal synthetic ecstasy tablets at train stations and pushing softcore porn on YouTube. It’s like ASP leader Fiona Patten has that Benjamin Button disease and has lapsed into an ultra horny 20-year-old raver kid. Alarm bells if she starts repping bucket hats (it’s happened before) and two stepping while addressing the upper house.

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