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If you haven’t peeped Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer segment, it’s basically gaming for dummies, albeit hilariously witty and sarcastic dummies (my favourite type). In the latest installment – “probably the most exciting Clueless Gamer I have ever done” – the comedian somehow gets his hands on the yet-to-be-released game and jewel in the crown of Nintendo’s 2014 releases, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Anyone who’s into gaming in the slightest, or has the privilege of knowing someone who is, will have heard A  LOT about this game in the last, oh, you know, forever.

In this segment, I am Conan and Aaron “The biggest nerd on staff” Blair is my dude and this is every conversation we ever have about games. The game looks pretty awesome though, bringing together characters from across the Nintendo universe, as well as some random old-school cameos (eg. Pong, Pacman), in an all-in brawl where you basically beat the shit out of each other. Sounds brutal, yeah, but somehow all that Nintendo nostalgia still makes feel really family-friendly. They should probably follow up on that Birthday Suit Samus idea though. Check out Conan’s review above.

Super Smash Bros. drops on Nintendo 3DS on October 10 and Wii U on a date, to be confirmed, this summer.