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I’ve always hated babies. They cry, they shit, they vomit, and I wouldn’t trust them as far as I can throw them (which is about 20 metres, from experience). Luckily, the internet’s latest viral marketing campaign prank video – this time for some horror movie called Devil’s Due – shows babies in the light I’ve always seen them in. Basically, this: Devil-Baby-Puking570

The prank features a highly advanced robotic baby riding in a remote control stroller through the streets of New York and preying on unsuspecting victims. It has the ability to projectile vomit, shriek like a possessed banshee, run over signs, headbang, flip people off, and just generally be the most terrifying thing ever. I have zero sympathy for the people who tried to help an abandoned scroller – they get exactly what they deserved. Babies are the worst, but this video is the best. Check it out above.

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