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Retro video game music has enjoyed a resurgence in a range of genres and inspired sub-genres; from Nintendocore to 8-Bit sampling in techno. There are certain samples, pitches and effects that we identify with cartridge-era gaming within a millisecond.

What isn’t as easy to identify is the people involved with these creations and the culture that was evolving in the economically insulated Japan of the 1980’s. Before the days that video games had scrolling credits, a creative age of chiptune was thriving in Japan. Diggin’ in the Carts is a documentary series focused on telling the stories of this culture that has permeated Western pop culture without so much as a single distinct attribution.

Episode 2 looks at some distinct names in the biz and how they have been oblivious to the bleed effect their creations have had. Even FlyLo pops up to say a word or two about it. If you’ve got another spare five minutes, check out the ridiculously rare vinyl copy of the Tekken jungle remixes Rolling Uchizawa has on display in his room at 1:12 in the video.


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