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It has been over 20 years since Super Mario Bros. made it out of living rooms and into cinemas. It has also been over 20 years since we learned that adapting video games into movies isn’t a good idea.

The Super Mario Bros. movie leaves behind the classic setting of castles and dragons, in favour of science fiction, involving a parallel world full of humanoid dinosaurs, a meteorite, and fungus. It also focuses heavily on the fact that Mario and Luigi are plumbers, unlike the game.

Bob Hoskins’s called the film the worst thing he ever did and when you watch the Honest Trailer it is fairly easy to see why. When Super Mario Bros. was released back in 1993 the film received mostly negative reviews and ticket sales were so bad that it failed to earn even half of its $48 million budget.

The Honest Trailer is much less scathing that it could have been, but it does raise a significant number of legitimate criticisms about characterisation and creative choices. Check it out in the gallery above.

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