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Watch: Ilana and Abbi reveal their New York plug to Jimmy Kimmel

We're on the lookout for a business suit

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Anything involving powerhouse duo Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, from Broad City, is bound to be pure gold. And their interview with Jimmy Kimmel was no exception. Weed is the perfect place to start, of course.

“May I ask, where do you get all this pot that you seem to be smoking all the time?” queries Kimmel. “I’m not talking about the show.”

“I get my pot from Ilana,” Abbi admits as she passes the blame over to her counterpart.

“And I get it from, like, a full business man, like a restauranteur,” Ilana says in full force. “It’s a whole market. This guy is so successful. And he’s got garbage bags of weed.” Absolute queens.

The conversation then naturally turns to pubic hair and the girls’ fight to keep Ilana’s nether region blurred in darker pixels in order to insinuate the presence of hair. “What, I got a baby vagina?” recalls Ilana. “I’m an adult. There has to be hair. Hello? Give ’em bush.” Slay. These ladies will never cease to amaze us. Check out the hilariously candid interview above.

  • Words: Louis Hanson

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