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Watch: NBA players talk about their favourite Crying MJ memes

"You don't really make it until you have the Jordan face"

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Ah, the old, crying MJ. It’s everything you could really ask for in a meme: it’s versatile, features Michael Jordan and much like the player itself, it is here to stay. Who’s to say when the reign of this meme will end? Surfacing in 2012 after a 2009 induction to the Hall of Fame and still going strong to this day, it’s a meme that deserves to be in its own Hall of Fame.

The team at Stashed went to Toronto to present their first mini-documentary, Behind The Meme: Crying MJ. Check it out in the gallery above, and watch the speech it originates from (which suspiciously goes for 23 minutes and 23 seconds) and see if you can spot the moment the legendary meme was born.

  • Words: Emma Arnold

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