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Weekly updates

It’s always a good time when the government try their hand at being relatable. A campaign with a hint of humour, a little slang, or a catchy tune, that teaches road safety. Equally informative as they are amusing, the pinnacle of all public service announcement are those accompanied by a music video. You might remember ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, well here’s the follow-up in sadistic tax-funded cartoon musicals: The Northern Territory presents ‘Be Crocwise’.

Crocodiles are deadly just remember that they’re deadly; if you’re hanging ’round the water you have got to use your head see?” the video sings as a dancing croc tears off the the head of an unsuspecting child. All fairly standard routine in the NT, or at least that’s what the video portrays. Watch ‘Be Crocwise’ firsthand in gallery above.

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