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Watch: Rick Ross talks about his favourite sneakers (and then bought heaps more)

Rick Ross truly is the boss when it comes to sneaker shopping

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Rick Ross payed a visit to Fight Club, Los Angeles, where he treated himself to a pricey Christmas present.

Rick Ross discussed all things shoes, from his all-time favourites to what he wears to impress the ladies and even the way his weight loss has changed the way he wears sneakers—with Joe La Puma in a seven minute video for Complex. He talks about his love for Jordan’s especially the Air Jordan III ’88, which retail at about $200 USD.

Rick Ross delves into the friendly competition between himself and good friend DJ Khaled when it comes down to sneakers. We get a quick glimpse into DJ Khaled’s very impressive sneaker wardrobe that is bound to have anyone envious. The multifaceted room makes you wonder what miracles are happening behind the closed doors of Rick Ross’ shoe sanctum.

The visit wouldn’t be complete without purchasing a small fortune of shoes on the way out. His final receipt, totalling a casual $4360.

Check out the video above, and see how Rick Ross’ favs measure up to your own.

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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