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Weekly updates

The series premiere for Better Call Saul is set to hit American televisions on February 8, which means it will be hitting The Pirate Bay for us Australian viewers on February 9 (not sorry). If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you’d have noticed that AMC have released a handful of teasers in the last couple of months in the lead-up to their 2015 premiere (catch up here and here)

The most recent clip will tickle Breaking Bad fans in all the right places, especially if Mike was one of your favourites like me. The short, vague clip (as per usual) showcases his effortless badassery. How does one work as a car park attendant and still maintain that level of fucking awesomeness by only delivering 3 lines? Nobody knows. Here’s hoping that Better Call Saul will dig up a little more about mysterious Mike’s mysterious past.

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