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Cutting-edge Utah silencer company SilencerCo has just dropped an advert for the first ever commercially viable shotgun silencer, dredging up disturbing mental images of Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men.

In a world where the most viable use of a quiet boomstick is straight-up murder, SilencerCo has opted for a topical approach to its usage – whisper-soft Drone disposal.

Given the growing usage of drones for all kinds of ventures, it might not be such an absurd pitch for individuals with an extreme notion of privacy protection.

The addition of fictional gun aficionado Johnny Dronehunter, however, is a little more tenuous. Who is he? Why is he being chased by drones? Does he actually want to wear a leather vest and mirrored aviators or does he just hate himself?

In all honesty, a Johnny Dronehunter video game or Transporter-esque B-movie would be a welcome addition to the pop culture corral but whether or not he’ll be an effective IP in selling buckshot mufflers remains to be seen.


Finn Houlihan

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