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Watch skate lord Rodney Mullen perform tricks in 360 degrees

Spoiler: it is incredible from every angle

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Legend of the skateboarding game, 49-year-old Rodney Mullen has made an awe-inspiring 360-degree video named ‘Liminal’ with fashion photographer and filmmaker, Steven Sebring, released via Vogue.

The video was shot in what Sebring refers to as ‘the rig’, a sort of circular stage, surrounded by some 100 cameras, which are controlled remotely through software to shoot in 360 degrees moving subjects.

In the film, Mullen exhibits his incredible repertoire of new “stanceless” tricks. Since 2007, Mullen has been working to eradicate his natural riding stance by excessively stretching in an effort to tear away the scar tissue built up around his joints. In doing so, Mullen has been able to achieve a somewhat more fluid skating style and continue doing what he loves despite his age.

‘Liminal’ shows, in all its high definition, black and white glory, some inconceivable tricks, such as the ‘One-Foot 540 Shove-It’ where the board which begins basically stationary, turns 540 degrees or the ‘Fakie Casper 360-Spins to 360-Casper-Flip’ which sees Mullen spin the board whilst it is upside down before transitioning to a flip.

The footage is well worth the watch, but be warned, it will probably make you dizzy.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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