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Watch Snoop Dogg narrate a fight between a squirrel and a snake

The people have spoken and Snoop has delivered

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Following his last stint narrating wildlife videos for Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop Dogg received a barrage of support for this newfound calling—people even petitioned pretty hard to get Snoop’s voice dubbed across the entire series of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth. And while it looks like we are yet to get an Attenborough-approved collab, Snoop has decided to create his own nature series, broadcast via his website MERRY JANE. Titled Planet Snoop, the rapper lends his unmistakeable drawl to nature clips, with expectedly hilarious results. First up, he tackles yet another unlikely match-up: squirrel vs. snake. And much like Otters vs. Croc, the outcome of this battle is just as surprising to Snoop as it is to you. Here’s hoping there are more in the works for Planet Snoop in the near future because we’ll definitely be tuned in. Watch the short clip above.

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