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Weekly updates

Not sure how I missed this one a  couple of days back but it’s a great watch so I figured it was post-worthy. A week or so ago Tony Hawk challenged a bunch of skaters to master the notorious full pipe at his ‘Loop of Death’ event. Set in the unassuming location of a carpark in So-Cal a range of skaters (Steve Caballero, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Josh Stafford, Alex Perleson, Tom Schaar, Mike McGill, Corbin Harris, Owen Neider, Tyler Martin, Tony Magnusson, and Keegan Hawk) give the loop a try. Shout outs to Caballero for attempting this at the ripe ol’ age of 48! There’s some thrills and spills, one casualty and two riders manage to master it. Impressive shit. Watch it above.