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If a few things about the present day irk you, have a watch of this video from College Humor, which follows Back to the Future‘s Marty McFly and Doc as they have a harsh run-in with reality during their time travel from 1985 to 2015. Despite Marty’s initial excitement and optimism, the duo are quickly underwhelmed by all the less-great things that await them in the future.

When Marty tries to start his car up using recycled garbage, Doc replies “Are you crazy? Most cars still run on fossil fuels, and the ones that don’t are prohibitively expensive”. Sad, and painfully true.

The sketch addresses a variety of questionable modern day realities: crocs, oxboards, Vine stars, steroids, #yoloswag fashion, the decline of print media, and online trolling. For anyone that wishes 2015 would be a little more hover-boards and self-lacing sneakers, and a little less social media personalities and handle-free Segways: this one’s for you.

Juliet Mentor

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